A Day In The Life Of A Chicken


Below is a fun blog about a day in the life of a chickens.  Not EV Related, but just some fun and random thoughts. Hope you enjoy !  A day in the LIFE of a CHICKEN, by Audrey Clunn.

Maddy: MOM MOM !!! HELP.. they are taking me away !!

Mother Hen: Yes, my child, I overheard the farmer say you were going to a far away exotic place ... FLORIDA ???!! Make sure you write home often and tell me of this place !

Dear Mom: Ohh Mom, it was terrifying. They put me in this smelly box, smelled like the DOG ! and had a little cage door ! Me and Molly and Misty! Then they put the box in this big thing that smelled like gasoline !! ohh it was terrifying. The wind blew and blew... and finally at sundown the machine stopped and all was quiet. They did feed us and give us water and checked on us several times during the day... but Mom... I got soooo scrared... I ...well.... I kinda pooped everywhere !! The LADY was real mad... said I "SHIT" all over her pick up... Mom... what is shit? ...and what is a .... Pickup ?

Dear Mom: The wind started AGAIN today !!! sooo terrifying. I have not seen this place . . . Florida. But it is getting warmer as the day goes on.

Dear Mom: I think we are IN FLORIDA ! Not sure, funny noises.. Smells funny and lots of SAND... but I have a beautiful NEW HOME ! Mom !! it has everything.. A box for snuggling down at night. It has windows and a safe place to eat. It is really nice Mom. !! Here is a picture !!!

Chickens, EV Conversions
Misty, Maddy and Molly, our very first chickens

Dear Mom: Well... the food is ok... the weather seems ok.. not too hot, not too cold. Lots of strange noises at night. ohhh and they have a DOG... yea... her name is SISSY... and she does not like us. She tried to EAT ME MOM !!! the Lady keeps bringing her by my new HOME...and keeps saying this stupid word.. Love... Loves the Chickens... These humans are funny breeds Mom..

Dear Mom: Well it has been a week... I over heard the Lady say she was going to . . . " Let us OUT".... what should I DO Mom? If she lets us OUT should I RUN? Should I find a way back to Texas? MOM... !! what do I do ?

Dear Mom: Oh My Goodness !!! This is WONDERFUL ! Mom !! I get to run around 3 acres all day long !!! I get to hunt and peck for food all day ! The Dog, Sissy seems to be ok with all of us roaming all over the place. Soooo much FOOD !! Mom it is EVERYWHERE. I think this is ... HEAVEN !! Mom.. there are fleas, and ticks every where.. .and bugs and bugs and MORE bugs ! Mom there are little dishes of WATER and it is sunny and grassy and there are trees and forests and it is beautiful. I think FLORIDA is another word for HEAVEN ! Back in Texas, which much be another word for HELL, we stayed locked up in that Pen all the time. And the MEAN old ROOSTER used to chase me all day long ! No Roosters' here MOM !! it is so nice .. I really think it must be HEAVEN.

Dear Mom: So, I get to roam all day long, and they leave the door to my home OPEN all the time, so If I want to go in and take a nap I can. But there is just too much here to see and do ! And at sun down, Just like you taught me, I go to my room and I get ready for bed !! Mom this HAS to be HEAVEN.

Dear Mom: MOM... I am FINALLY A FULL GROWN HEN like YOU !!! MOM... I laid my very first EGG today !!! Ohhh it was just like you said . . . It didn't hurt at all and I was sooooo very PROUD... I told the whole world about it !! Ohhh MOM it was a beautiful Egg !! I really did a good job !! And I heard the LADY say the MAN would be real happy. Happy is a good thing here.

Dear Mom: Its a sad day. Misty got taken by a Hawk. We are going to miss her. But she did NOT do what her Mommy told her. She was out in the yard, sunning herself like she was some kind of Diva... not near to the tree line so she could run fast and be protected...and SHOOOOOP !! she was here one minute and gone the next !! Yep we are gonna miss her. Molly cried for a whole day. But I am a big girl and I am the BOSS here. Ohhh that's a new word I learned... I am BOSSY !! I think that is a good thing. I am not sure.

Dear Mom: You are not going to believe this. I think I have "TRAINED" the Lady to do Tricks !! YEP.... You see, she comes down these funny stairs. The she SITS on this chair right next to the barrel they keep the food in AND... If I go RUNNING up to her REAL fast, she will laugh...and call me cute names... and GIVE me a big handful of my favorite Scratch !! Mom, I got her so trained that she will sometimes give me MEAL WORMS and Scratch and sit and talk with me and Molly !!

Dear Mom: I am not feeling good today. I am BLUE... I think its time I had a little baby Mom... I been sitting here on these eggs for 2 days.

Dear Mom: OUCH !!! that MEAN LADY THREW me out of my nest !! I don't like her any more. THEN she took the eggs!! MOM she TOOK my eggs.... my little babies, she TOOK them. I don't like her, no I don't.

Dear Mom: Well, It must have been the FLU. I am better now. I still don't like that mean lady. I am thinking of a new TRICK to teach her. I think I am going to POOP in her fancy garage. I'll show HER !

MOM...MOM !!!!! ohhhhh Maddy was a BAD BAD Girl... Mom.. she ATTACKED the lady !!

Ya see.... its been a little COLD here lately and not so many bugs... Well Maddy got her feathers in an up roar and when the lady came down to feed us... Maddy attacked her bag of food !! Ohhh MOM it was soooo scary !! The lady called Maddy all kinds of names... including SOUP ... Mom ..what is soup? And what are "Retched Little Bastards"... Mom... am I a Retched Little Bastard too?

All in the Day of the Life of a Chicken.

APRIL 26, 2015 - A sad day here at GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS. We woke about 8:00am to the screams of Maddy and Molly and the GROWLS of 3 young Coyotes. They had surrounded the girls in the woods beside the house. Someone sent the following in an email to a friend our ours.. I am not sure who wrote it, I believe Richard Shears, but I thought it was cute and add it here.( UP DATE...Just in... it seems the REAL author is my dear dear Friend Mr. V. Fitzgerald !! Love ya man.)

Dear Mom This is a sad day for me and my sister because that nice lady that you sent us to live with on that long journey in that noisy truck or what every you call it did not protect us and we were eaten by a pack of coyotes about a couple of days ago. This letter will be the last time I can talk to you cause I will be in chicken heaven soon. The Lady was real nice and we even had a sister that adopted us her name was Sissy she was a dog but was very nice to us after she got used to us, Anyway the lady was looking out off of the porch and then three coyotes came and trapped us and the lady could not find those things I think they are called shells to put in that long black thing that makes a big boom when she puts them shell things in it so the coyotes had us Matty and I for lunch, it really hurt at first but it was over fast and now I'm on my way to chicken Heaven so it's ok. I sure hope that the nice lady don't get them real fancy chickens called silkies but if she does I hope she keeps them shell things in that big black thing so the coyotes don't eat them too. and she should really watch out for them bad coyote things with my new big sister Sissy cause they look for food in packs . That's another good reason to keep them shell things in that black thing, I think her friend Victor who is also very nice called it a shotgun so they don't go after Sissy We love you Mommy and that lady was nice so don't feel to bad.

Rest in Peace...Maddy and Molly... Now.... LOOKING FOR SILKES.

MOM>>>MOM!!! You know we are in heaven now looking down !!...

SHE FOUND SILKIES !... Well HER MAN did.. He bought them for her BIRTHDAY... Mom.. whats a ...... BIRTHDAY?

Mom: these are silly silly looking chickens ~! They have funny feet..and funny looking heads... Mom.. they really ARE pretty ugly.

AND WORSE.... MOM..>>>!!! She put them in OUR HOUSE !! yes.. they are In OUR house... AND she named them SILLY NAMES..... The Big one is CHOW MEIN and the Little one is ALAking !!!! Now have you ever heard of such silly names??

WHO ever named a chicken .. CHOW MEIN or ALA King....geesh Mom... that human is pretty silly !

Sad day,  we lost ALAKing.  Those darn Coyotes.!!  But Chow Mein is still with us and has the lady all trained.   Chow Mein doesn't like to be alone, so she roosts up stairs near the window where the lady sits and drinks her coffee in the Morning.

Chow Mein is the QUEEN here.. she has us all trained.  Coffee an TOAST for the little girl in the morning.... and afternoon. WHITE bread only please.  Follows both of us all over the property.   Stopped producing eggs. Doesn't car what car door is open she is gonna hop right  in and go for a ride.

March 2017.  WE LOST Chow Mein...sadly  she go run over by a Mobility Scooter. Chow Mein and the lady were RACING to the food center, like they always do,  Chow Mein runs FAST and usually wins.  Not this time... Chow Mein zigged ..when she should have Zagged...and got run over. We will never be the same here.

April 2017  No disrespect to Chow Mein... but... we now have SESAME and WONTON.   Wonton   LOVES Steve Clunn !  Wonton is the lighter colored one, where Sesame is the black and tan. Both give very very TINY eggs!!  But they are cute as they can be.

Chicken, EV Conversions
Wonton and Sesame







Chicken, Steve Clunn, GOLF CART
Wonton and Steve Clunn going for a ride on Mater, our GOLF CART















I am not saying WONTON IS SPOILED,  BUT... she like to RIDE with " her " MAN!!   She sits on his shoulder, and wants to be petted and likes to go for rides.  Just another. . .   Day in the Life of a Chicken !.##