Company History

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Here is an ARTICLE from our first days as a FULL time EV Shop – November 2007.

Here is an ARTICLE from GEARBOX MAGAZINE – 2010

We’ve Come A Long Baby !!!

Time Line: Circa 1990
1. Steve Clunn’s First Electric Vehicle:

2. Ford Ranger
3. Murcury Linx
4. Comuta Car
5. Haundi ( 1 )
6. Mitsubchi Mighty Max
7. Porsche Stayed in the “weeds” in the back yard for many years then resurected in 2009 by David Carter, a student at IRSC and working at the Greenshed to learn. See his posting on Evalbum.
8. Ford Explorer
9. Porsche 912
10. Porsche 911
11. Prelude
12. Nissan 300zx SOLD, was for sale on both our web sites: and here on this web site
13. Mazda B2000
14. Mazda B2000 ( Steve’s Work Truck) Hit from behind by a Tractor Trailer doing 70mph on the Turnpike, Both driver (Steve) and Passenger didn’t have a scratch.!

LOOK at all those batteries. !!! This truck would go from Fort Pierce to West Palm Beach a distance of over 70 miles on one charge !
15. Toyota Tercel:
New PAINT job… all up graded in May of 2010. !! and….up for sale!

16. Haundi (2)
17. Saturn:
18. Honda: Converted with Lithium Batteries for a Professor in Miami (Now the NEW MAYOR of South Miami) First EV conversion in our shop with Lithium Batteries.

19. Tango

20. Porsche: Assisted conversion with a Fireman from West Palm Beach, FL
21. Porsche (S)
22. Cabriolet: Also on Evalbum for SALE.
23. Mexico Car: On going project. In our shop for upgrades
24. 1991 Cadillac Hurst
25. Ford Ranger: This is for a 17yr. olds FIRST RIDE. See our PROJECT page
( Yes, that is an ALL ELECTRIC HURST behind the Ford, both converted about the same time, #’s 24 and #25.

26. Chevy S-10
27. Ford Explorer.. FIRST EV on the Island of Kappa, Hawaii
28. Chevy S-10 (Assist)
29. Ford Explorer: Completed for a Doctor in VA, now here at our shop for SALE

30. Fiesta: Assisted Conversion by a Science Teacher from Vero Beach High School. She and her son assisted with the conversion and is still happily driving it to school each day.
31. 1939 Gazelle
32. Ford F-150 Pick up for Vero Beach High School: Steve and the teacher assisted the students in this project.
33. Ford F-150 Pick up (Shop Truck) This is up for Sale.

34. Toyota Pick Up (Shop Truck) This is also up for sale.

35. 1996 Rav4/ Green Shed Conversions
used as a company vehicle.

36. Ford Explorer (az) NO PICTURE AVAILABLE.
37. 1970 Porsche 914:  NOW owned by STEVE CLUNN

38. 1967 Alpine – Conversion DONE ! Now it goes to get new wheels, new interior and a paint job. Yes, folks…Lithium Batteries!

39. Lamborghini Diablo..the “Grey Ghost” .. THIS is the Secretary’s NEW ride. Ask her… she will sell it !

Ready for Lithiums !!! has an 11″ WarP and a Solutions1 Controller… Circia 2010 in our company history.
40. Tropica owned by IRSC, Green Shed Conversions upgraded the original with some new Batteries, New Controller, new wires… ready for their 50th ANNIVERSAY at IRSC.

41.  1986 Suzuki… This $100.00 motorcycle rescued from the weeds and will travel easily at 55mph!!

42.  circa 2010 and 2011

First Stop… Sarasota, FL A “Family Affair”… The whole Family helped with this Conversion.

43.  These are two of the Conversions we worked on in both 2010 AND again in 2011. See the Porsche Burn out on our Video page.

44.    Another company started this conversion, we were hired to finish it.

This was also in Texas, someone else started it… we completed it.

45.    My GREEN BEAN GETS COMPLETED Jan to April 2011

46.  BMW  out of VA

This is a BMW we completed in just 19 days for this customer !! Great Conversion.

2012….. On the Road Again !!

47.  A brand NEW Harley… allllll Electric

48.  Rail car.. 11″ Motor !

49  S-10 owned by Sean S.

50.            11 year old wants his GAS GAS bike all Electric ! whoot whoooo

51.       1949 Chevy with TWO motors

52.       1986 Corvette with TWO motors


54.                1956 Ford F500    THE HULK !!!!!

Designed by AUDREY…

55.    Tractor

Tractor converted to ELECTRIC

56.    1980 ELECTRAVAN

HULK and BLUE EYES  1956 Ford F500 and 1980 ELECRAVAN








57.     BOX Truck

Box Truck







58.   Dixie Chopper







59.    Toyota Pick up with Hydraulic Tilt Bed

EV Conversion with TILT BED
Toyota with Tilt Bed






60.   Trike







61.    Pick up from TEXAS


62.  S10 From FL

19 days from start to completion under our Assisted Program

Sutton S10






63.   Cody Porsche from MS

First Car Show






65.   MG Midget

MG Midget