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Model TASSISTED CONVERSIONS - EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY

WarP Motors
Warp Motors


EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY


You order your parts from us. We have them delivered to our SHOP. When EVERYTHING arrives,( including batteries) we SCHEDULE you to bring your Donor Vehicle to our shop in CRYSTAL RIVER, FL. We can work with most schedules and budgets.



You and Steve GIT R DONE !!
You can help or just watch !!

 Come on Down to our SHOP ... Lets GIT R DONE



Welcome AMY !!   WITH HER  1970 Camper Van


VW Camper Van






Welcome ANOTHER STEVE... Steve F. is here with his 1937 Ford Cabriolet to be converted.




CJ7  belonging to Steve H....   Welcome !  Let the Assisted Conversion Begin !

This CJ7 has an 11" WarP Motor, a 1K Zilla HV Controler, 2  Chargers with the J1772, 60 of the LEAF CELLS 2P 30S.






EV Conversions
Here it comes! Into the SHOP    Phil's  S10 !!!     WELCOME PHIL  SUTTON !!!  We are so Glad to have you !!







EV Conversions
Taking GAS ENGINE out !   Glad to have THAT out of there ! ...  phew.. what a job !!


















Tranny and Adapter Plate.  Getting ready to put he Transmission and Motor together with the Adapter Plate and get it mounted IN the Truck.







Motor, Transmission and Adapter Plate
Motor, Transmission and Adapter Plate going INTO the S10.   Steve has a way of  "Balancing"  the  Motor and Tranny shafts.. CALL him and he will be glad to describe it...  Its also SHOWN on other Pages of Our WEB site.  Look for the BMW that we did..  we have it shown there.








Electric Motor






The Motor and Transmission are now in, and the Adapter Plate is in place.


Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning going BACK in.



Air Conditioning going in !






A/C Completed

Some Conversions are set up nice for A/C.  this S10 was especially a nice set up.

Remember... when you are sitting at a Street light, your Electric Motor IS NOT turning, so for a brief period of time, the A/C is not working, but that changes with the LIGHT changing to GREEN and your EV moving ahead.



180ah CALB cells
Batteries are here !         180ah Cells !!!!

THIS baby is going to ROCK AND ROLL on all these cells !!


Taking the BED off the Truck to get it ready for Battery boxes.     Almost done !!!








EV Conversions
Back Battery Boxes are fabricated and Cells are IN !




 This ASSISTED CONVERSION  took 19 days from Start to Completion!   But these two guys WORKED 8, 9 and sometimes 10 HOURS in a day to get it done on our customers time frame !

We are so Proud of Phil !!     He really did a great job getting this done!


Welcome RICK !!
Rick ordered new Lithium Batteries for his
EVT-168 Scooter !!! They arrived at the Green Shed.. got all CHARGED UP and Rick came to the shop and HELPED STEVE install the new Batteries, BMS and Chargers !!! ALL ON BOARD his EVT Scooter !
LOTS of FUN and great hands on experience
Talk about EV GRIN !!!!! Rick is doin... the EV GRIN !!

NEW VW Conversion in the shop this week !! Mitch hailing right here from Florida is converting his WW Bug to 100% Electric. His Son Donny, an exchange student and his daughter are all on board helping out at the GREEN SHED !!

Donny and exchange student READY to rock and Roll and Convert this !!
Day ONE... Tranny and Motor all set to go in !!
Steve and our customers Son, Donny working on the Adapter Plate
FIRST RIDE.................... with only 2 days work.. the boys were able to get the Motor and Adapter plate IN and our customer go this... "FIRST RIDE"... with one battery hooked up. !!! ( a TRADITION here at the Green Shed ) !!! sooooo much fun. NOW comes the HARD and time consuming work. Battery Racks, batteries, BMS, DC/DC, emergency disconnect.... ETC.
 Now time for Battery Racks and putting the 42 CALB 100ah cells in series.
Second pack:
This is a REVERSE TRIKE.... taking the GAS out and Putting an Electric Motor IN !
This time with 7kw of VOLT Batteries to install in this project
AND..... it comes WITH
its own BMS system....
Trike Delivered...
Steve WORKING HARD on this !!!
SEEEEE the first RIDE on YOU TUBE !!!
 2014 TOUR:
First Stop:..................... COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS
They say EVERYTHING is BIGGER IN TEXAS.... well True to their Motto our FIRST STOP is for
1979 R686 MACK TRUCK
Yes,... you saw this correct... Scott has decided AFTER.. converting his F150 Ford to all Electric that he wants his MACK TRUCK Electric.
This is the BALDOR Motor... Like I SAID....everything is "BIG-N-BEEFY" here in Texas !!!!!
This is the MONSTER 2,600lbs S.E.P.E.X. motor sitting IN the truck.
These are 48 ... 200ah cells... part of the 400 Cells going IN this project...
BUTCH welding up
the Battery Boxes.
Getting the FIRST set of Batteries IN the Battery Boxes. 200 of the 200ah Cells on each side of the truck for a total of 400 cells
CHARGING STATION for all these Batteries... A STEVE CLUNN Original CHARGER !!!
2 ... 25kw Transformers for a 50kw charger, giving a 5 hour charge time. ( IF all goes well lol).
Whoooot Whooooo Getting Excited here... .... BATTERIES GOING IN !!!
Battery Boxes DONE.... and ready !!!!
FIRST battery box..!!

IT LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It past DOT in TEXAS !!!

We went to a gravel yard that is about 5 miles away and picked up a load
of gravel. The truck and trailer together with the empty trailer weighs 34,860
lbs. The weight of the load by its self is 47,920 lbs gross weight
82,7800 lbs. On the way back with the load of gravel that weighs more
than the truck the performance was about the same . With 2 amp on the
field the motor will top out at about 400 amp . With the field at full
power the motor's RPM is so low that the automatic tranny won't shift
and max amps are about 150amp. Right now Scott ( my customer) is using
200 ah Real Force (96 cells) and the plan is for 4 sets of them giving
800 ah . The 10 miles trip used 96 ah or 30kwh. I was expecting better
performance than this as the 10kwh = one gallon rule with the truck
getting 7 mpg , it should get about 20 miles on 10 kwh. The automatic
tranny makes lots of noise and vibration so this may be where the loss
is . Another factor might but that the diesel engine set up in these
trucks is more efficient than car gas engines. Scott is very happy ,
with the set up and that's what counts
Loading up the ELECTRIC 18 Wheeler !!
LOADED with: See Scale Ticket below
2013 TOUR:
FIRST STOP... GA..... 1949 Chevy build
Second Stop... TX...... Upgrades
JUMP on the END of our tour before we head for home !!!
GREEN SHED gets a new AUTO PORT !!!
First Day of TEXAS BUILD...
Scott Testing the New 200ah REAL FORCE Batteries. 48 Cells here and 48 MORE on the way !. All voltages arrived between 3.33V and 3.27V.
Plate for Transmission. No bell housing on this one
Scott Taking the inside hub from the clutch disc. Scott has the Hub out and ready to go into Lovjoy
Something about turning metal... it must be a guy thing ! Hub out of Old Clutch Disk
We put a bolt in to hold the Clutch Hub to the Lovjoy, Welded Lovjob
so it won't move when welded
Spacer to keep Lovejoy coupler from sliding Spline should sit low enough on shaft that clutch
too far down on the spline shaft. hub is totally covered, but is not rubbing on throw
out bearing collar. ( no need for throw out bearing
any longer).
Cutting Plate for centering washers
Drilling the Plate Welding the Plate centering washers
Transmission Plate. Nuts welded on plate to hold Both Motor Plates Mounted and ready to go.
Plate in position.
Time out for some fun with Torque.
How much Torque does one of these Motors make in a stalled Motor state?
Well... Scott wants to know. Fish weight Scale tied to a 150lb motor and we put one OLD Lithium battery to the motor. Voltage drops to 1.5V, 100amps and we get 10lbs of Torque.
3V, 200amps and we are seeing 40lbs. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fish weight scale only goes up to 50lbs!
From Drilling the Holes to..................................... TWO motors waiting for the Tranny
Motors and Tranny Together................................... Time to Put them IN the truck
Painting the Chassie...............................................Add the 2K ZILLA Controller
Batteries Waiting for Wires.............................................Fitting the Plexiglass in the battery Boxes
FIRST RIDE>>>>>>>>>>>>>.... late at night.. but couldn't resist the opportunity !
Soooooooooooooooooo 4 months Later we are Visiting Scott in Texas............... and HERE is his F150 Ford...Showing Off for some of the "GUYS".....
BURN OUT !!!!.....................>
EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY


EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY

William has opted for TWO 9" Motors and the MIGHTY ZILLA 2k Controller!

Two Motors Arrive and get put together !

Motors Delivered Two Motors together

Motor, Drive shaft and transfer arm Motors IN

Start of the motor stage 2 of the motor mount

Coming down to the END of the Conversion!
First Ride with a full load of batteries !!


Assisted Conversion done... GREAT JOB Bill !
WELCOME Laurent !!    EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY

1949 CHEVY.......and the UPGRADE begins...
with TWO Motors... a Transwarp9 and a Warp 9

TWO Motors IN !!!
First Ride !!

coming back to the shop with a great big EV GRIN

Saying Good bye... BUT.. we will see Laurent in January of 2013 with his wife..and by then new son !!

All done for now !! See you soon.

January 14, 2012 ........ WELCOME MICHAEL R. Mike is participating in our "ASSISTED PROGRAM".

Michael has a 2001 Honda Civic he wants to convert from Gas to Electric. He and steve started this project on January 14th.. This is a "no rush job" , as Michael has time and money, he will come to our shop and work on HIS project. His GOAL is to have this converted and READY for SHOW AND SHINE at our 14th Annual Electric Car Rally on April 28th !!

Come on Folks.. give this man some applause !!! Lets see if he can do it !!

This is great hands on experience for our customers. Assisted Program is only $45.00 per hour ( vs. our regular Full Service Conversion rate of $60.00 an hour) IF Steve helps. If our customer can work on his own, no charge, and IF he can be doing something while STEVE is doing something then two jobs get done for the one fee of Steve's time.

Day 1 : First... out comes the GAS Motor.:

DAY 2: They then removed the Exhaust System and Gas tank... Cut out the Trunk area and started to make Battery Boxes. Mike decided on NO AC. We could have kept it, but that would take a little of the Battery energy.

Michael has decided on GOLF CART BATTERIES for this conversion. 6V Golf Cart Batteries are economical, but give good service, good Amps and good performance. Steve Started the Battery Racks today while Mike worked on the AC and cleaning up the front engine compartment.

DAY 3. Starting on Adaper Plate:

This is the Plate for the Motor. We will grind this hole out in the center to exactly 4". Which is the size of the "lip" on the Motor.

We took the Clutch Disc, removed the revits and the clutch pads until all that was left were the spring holders and Spline Hub. We cut the Spring Holders off and machined the hub to be the same diameter.

Here is the Lovjoy Hub, boared out to fit the Spline Clutch Disc Hub.

This is the HUB pressed in to the Lovjoy Coupler. We put a large bolt through this and tighten it down

We are using a Lovjoy Hub, size L110.

Michael was called home........soooo Stay tuned for his next visit to the Green Shed to complete his EV.


HEEEEEE"S BACK !!!! - March 2012

Steve and Mike (PAMPAW to his grandchildren) got the Motor IN the Honda Now Know as the MPR CAR, New CV Joints, and a FIRST ride... all in 2 days time !!

It was a very tight fit for the WarP 9 Motor, but there was just enough room, to be able to hang the Power Steering pump from the Front of the motor and power it from the Tail Shaft.

Never too Young !!

Some kids really enjoy working with tools and spending a day working at the Green Shed. Here Meaghan shows off her full days work ! She and Steve converted an old smelly gas mini bike to this Lithium Powered Electric Fun Cycle !!


Where's that chain guard?

Meaghan spotted an old motor lying around the shop and it happen to fit perfectly !!!


This project only took Steve and Meaghan about 7 hours to complete ... For many kids there is one thing that highlights their summer vacation... Building an Electric Vehicle sure beats being stuck indoors, playing video games all day or hanging out at the Mall !!

Steve gave Meaghan plenty to do on her own. She bolted and un-bolted most of the bolts and even took a stab at Welding !