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There is no… “ONE KIT”  that fits all/every vehicle.  We will help you with choosing the right parts and batteries for YOUR vehicle.


Ball park cost and information without seeing the vehicle:


CONVERSION PARTS ONLY:  From $5,500.00 to $9,200.00+ depending on choices

All of the parts and specs are on my EV Parts webpage.


BATTERIES:  $8,000.00 to approx 

$20,000.00 + depending on choices.


$9,000 to $20,000 for Batteries depending on how FAR you want to drive, how MANY we can get IN the car and which type you choose.  WE have CALB and TESLA...Seven (7) modules of Tesla are going to Run about $9K...Plus Shipping and Tax and give you about a 70- 100 mile range.



Labor Cost is $125.00 Per hour. It takes (+/-)  245  hours, depending on the choice of parts, make and model of the Donor Vehicle to complete... which translates into about 3 months down time with conversion and testing.  (Plate and Insurance needed for Street testing).



We are assuming that the 12V wiring system, which runs the headlights, blinkers, AC, fan etc. is all working fine.


We are assuming that there are no drive train problems, like needing new bearings in the rear or Transmission seals, etc.


We are assuming that the brakes are working and we don't have to replace any brakes cylinders, lines, etc.


We are assuming that all the wheel bearings and steering knuckles, ball joints, are all in good shape.


We are assuming that the Air Conditioning is working other than being disconnected from the engine. If there is no air conditioning, I assume we are not installing after market AC.


We are assuming that the Power Steering Pump is working properly


We are assuming that there won't be any interior work that needs to be done.


We have done lots of cars where the customers have had us do restoration work, brake work, rear end work etc. as you know these items can be labor intensive.


IF WE CONVERT IT and when you are ready to commit... I do an preliminary invoice for the basic parts, (Motor, Controller, Batteries and Charger).  I ask for a deposit for the Major parts and batteries, (Batteries are a 4 week lead time). ( IN NON COVID TIMES.. CHECK WITH ME)….. WHEN the parts and Batteries are all at the shop, I send for the DONOR VEHICLE.  I can help with the co-ordination and transport if needed.  The LABOR starts.


IF WE CONVERT IT: Labor and small parts invoicing continues every 7 to 10 day to the end of the build.


IF WE CONVERT IT: We will post VIDEOS and Pictures on YOUTUBE, ( Steveclunn)  Instagram (ElectricCarsByGreenShed)  and TIK TOK ( ElectricCarsByGreenShed2), Sometimes on FACEBOOK.   ( You can OPT OUT if you choose, Let us know at the beginning of the build).



Prior to shipping your Donor Vehicle to Green Shed Conversions for Converting from gas to electric, you can, if you prefer, remove the following ICE items: (we can also do this here at the shop for you, this is optional).

  • Gas Engine
  • Gas Tank
  • Gas fuel lines
  • Radiator
  • Muffler


Things that need to remain on vehicle:

  • Air Conditioning radiator
  • Air Conditioning pump and all hoses
  • Wire that signals AC pump to engage and all other electronics assigned to AC
  • Power Steering Pump with hoses and belts
  • Pressure Plate, Fly Wheel and Clutch Disk and Manual Transmission.

( Clutchless drive, just the Disk and Transmission.   Direct Drive, no Transmission for DUAL MOTORS or the 11” Motor).

Additionally, we need the vehicle Plate and Insurance card before the end of the build so that it can be street tested properly.   Thank you in advance.




WE ALSO OFFER an ASSISTED PROGRAM where YOU come with the car and YOU and STEVE convert it together. You get lots of hands on experience.  The Assisted Program is $85.00 an hour. YOU are now the helper in training. Lots of fun. No special skills or tools necessary. Everyone works at their own level.



How it works.


You, and Steve decide on which motor, controller, and batteries we’re going to put in your vehicle.


Once we have an agreement on all of the parts and batteries I’ll send you an estimate. Once you approve the estimate., I will invoice you for the motor, controller and batteries only.

The batteries take 8 weeks to get here.

And when All parts I ordered, are delivered I’ll schedule the vehicle

In the shop.

And the conversion begins.


You and Steve will start taking the gas engine out, gas tank out and all other ICE related parts.

Each Friday I will invoice you for any of the small parts installed on your vehicle that week along with that weeks labor.

Plan on 3 to 4 weeks in the shop.

Or we can work out long weekends.


The vehicle needs to be registered and insured by the final week so it can be tested.

No special tools or knowledge needed, Steve will show you or help you or assist you in anything you cannot do.


Let us know if you have any more questions. LOTS of decisions to make.


I can do an itemized Estimate after you speak to Steve, the conversionist and you both are on the same page for performance.  (choosing the right motor/controller and batteries for your performance expectations).


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