Costs of Conversion



We have had a lot of requests for COST.

The cost varies:
We would need to know your expectations.
Are you looking for an around town vehicle, perhaps a 20-30 mile range?
Are you looking for a commuter type vehicle? How far and how fast?
Are you wanting some neck snapping speed?
Are you wanting to RACE?

The basic parts, (motor, controller, contactor, charger etc.) range from $4,500.00 to $8,300.00 depending on what type of performance you are looking for.<

Batteries:   TESLA CELLS  Usually we use 7 Tesla Modules:   $1,450 plus ship Each... again, its all in what you want and your design of the vehicle.

The incidentals: (wire,nuts, bolts, steel for battery boxes, fuses, fuse holders, cables, hubs, adapter plates, pulleys, belts, fans, etc...etc. ) can range anywhere from $450.00 to $1000.00)...

 We can work with most budgets,...

We could do a small conversion, using the min. of parts ( the small parts package) , up to 20 Golf Cart Batteries, and no fancy bells and whistles ( giving you a range of about 25 -30 miles at 35-45 mph) for about $18,000.00 including Labor. This would be a real ECONO package...nothing fancy..does not include shipping/transport etc. only a real basic conversion.

To a mid size package which usually runs approximately $32,000.00.

Full size, with 1000amp  or 2000amp ZILLA Controller,  9" Warp and 15kw Lithium Pack $37,900.00
( Cheaper than the VOLT or the LEAF).
To a full size package, the big 11" motor, the Lithium batteries (the big bad boys)...some neck snapping speed for approx $45,000.00.

These prices are APPROXIMATE.. The invoice is based on TIME and the cost and availability of the PARTS and BATTERIES

You can do the complete conversion yourself.  ( EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY)  If you buy the parts from us, Steve will assist you the best he can via email, email pic's and a minimum of telephone conferences.

EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY
Save W

You can participate in an "ASSISTED " conversion: where you bring your vehicle to our shop, use our facility and our tools and basically do the conversion yourself with Steve's input and guidance Assisted is based on $85.00 per hour.

THIS IS FOR THE OWNER ONLY.... NOT your buddy, not your flunky, NOT your hired hands.. YOU.. the owner of the VEHICLE participates in this program.
(Unfortunately, too many have taken advantage of us, by hiring our company under this "ASSISTED PROGRAM" at the reduced rate, THEN having a buddy or someone else LOOK on. or worse the OWNER LOOK ON. AS THE VEHICLE OWNER, you must participate and HELP).

A PARTIAL conversion: where you take out the I.C.E., get the car ready for the Motor and batteries. Bring it to our shop and Steve assists you in completing the motor and battery installation. Then you take it home and compete the balance yourself.A partial conversion is based on $85.00 per hour.

A FULL conversion, where you leave the car, Steve does the complete conversion which is based on $125.00 per hour, plus parts.

EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY
 WE NO LONGER TRAVEL. We are located in Crystal River FL

Conversions take anywhere from 180 to 230 +/- hours to complete. This sometimes translates into 1 month shop time. You are only billed for the time each day that your car is worked on.

Initial Design/Consultation: (Donor vehicle, Choice of Batteries, Motor, Controller, Battery Placement and design) is $85.00 per hour:

*Costs and time are approximate and subject to change without notice. Invoices are generated every 2 weeks during conversion time and are due and payable when received.

We are Distributors for: Net Gain Motors,Solution 1 Controllers, Net gain Controllers, Kelly Controllers, Altrax Controllers, Odessey Batteries and Manzanita Chargers and Elcon Chargers.


 EV Conversions, FULL, Assisted, Partial, DIY