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Customer Justin: with 2 Walk Behinds, converted by STEVE CLUNN at GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS.

Justin is a Pioneer in Commercial GREEN Lawn Service in the South Carolina. We are VERY PROUD of Justin’s accomplishment and count him as a good Friend.


Mower with………….. 300amp Controller and “Portable” Lithium Packs… See our SUMMER of 2011 for more info

Lawn Mowers/ Dixie Choppers and other Landscaping Tools
Steve’s Dixie Chopper:


100% Electric WEED WACKER !!!

See the Video:


Commercial Lawn Mowers, Walk Behinds, Dixie Choppers

Electric Motor, 4 Batteries, Controller… Ready to CUT !

Meters and controls easily accessible.

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COST information:

Lithium Cells are 3.2V each, so for the recommended 72V Controller, for most Lawn Mower Projects, 24 Cells is what is usually used to replace 12 – 6V Golf Cart Batteries..

The 6V – 220ah Golf Cart Battery, even though RATED at 220ah.. ONLY delivers 100 amp hours. ( to get the 220ah, you must discharge at over 20 hours).

The Lithium batteries do not have this phenomena, so TWO – 100ah Lithium batteries are what is used to replace ONE Golf Cart battery.

Presently: ( check for Actual Costs)…. 24 – 100ah Lithium CALB cells at $1.38 each AH.. ($138.00 per cell) is $3,312.00, Plus Shipping… ( which is determined at the time of shipping, but HAZMAT is about $289.00),

Bus Bars are $3.95 Each ( $94.80)

THEN. you should consider a BMS .. of which there are many…

We like the Mini BMS for these small systems.. $15.99 per cell ( $383.76 plus $15.00 Shipping…)

You MAY be able to get away without the BMS, if you are willing to spend the Time monitoring cell voltages. and building some other Circuitry into your set up. This can be the “fun” end of your project, if you enjoy tinkering with electronics. There are many opportunities here.

Also keep in mind, .. .that your battery pack is going to be about 1/3 the size of the Golf Cart Batteries and only weigh about 200lbs.

Also, we have been setting up these “packs” in a way in which they can be used for OTHER things.. much like the “drill batteries” that can run 3 or 4 OTHER tools. You can set them up to slide out, and be used in a golf cart… motor cycle??? or even a CAR, thereby increasing the use of your cells. .. and Justifying the extra expense.