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Justin is a Pioneer in Commercial GREEN Lawn Service in the South Carolina.

We are VERY PROUD of Justin's accomplishment and count him as a good Friend.




Mower with.............. 300amp Controller and "Portable" Lithium Packs... See our SUMMER of 2011 for more info

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Steve's Dixie Chopper: Circa 2005

100% Electric WEED WACKER !!!

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Lawn mower Parts for AD


Meters and controls easily accessible.
Let us show you how! Order your parts directly from GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS.


COST information:

Lithium Cells are 3.2V each, so for the recommended 72V Controller, for most Lawn Mower Projects, 24 Cells is what is usually used to replace 12 - 6V Golf Cart Batteries..

The 6V - 220ah Golf Cart Battery, even though RATED at 220ah.. ONLY delivers 100 amp hours. ( to get the 220ah, you must discharge at over 20 hours).

The Lithium batteries do not have this phenomenon, so TWO - 100ah Lithium batteries are what is used to replace ONE Golf Cart battery.

DIY BMS Board and wire Kit for $150.00.

Also keep in mind, that your battery pack is going to be about 1/3 the size of the Golf Cart Batteries and only weigh about 200lbs.

Motor:  $780.00

This is a Permanent Magnet, Brush Type, DC Motor with Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets. The 1" shaft is similar to the shaft on most Lawn and Garden Tractor engines. This motor is perfect for an engine replacement on a Lawn and Garden tractor when converting the tractor to electric propulsion. No motor control is necessary for an engine-swap, but you will need to add a Contactor, Fuse, and 48 VDC batteries. For applications where a motor controller is required, we recommend that you use a 48V, 500 Amp Controller and a solenoid that is rated for 400 amp continuous  with the appropriate diode & pre-charge resistor. Capable of 200 amps continuous, and 400 amps for 30 seconds. The efficiency is 90%.

Power 6.4 KW continuous @ 48V
16 KW for 1 minute @48V
Voltage 24 - 48 Volts
Speed 3360 rpm at 48V Unloaded
Size 8" OD, 6.4" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft 1" x 3.1", 1/4" key shaft
Timed for counter-clockwise rotation (can be changed to clockwise)
Weight 30 lbs.



Throttle PB6 Curtis Styled

Curtis Style PB-6   $115.00

  • The PB-6 is an input device between the Throttle pedal and the speed controller.
  • Stainless case with a micro switch built in
  • The potbox is the throttle in an EV
  • The potbox tells the controller how much input needed by the controller
  • The potbox's lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.
  • Height: 3.75", Width: 4", Depth: 1.875"
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Resistance: 0-5K ohms


Controller SR48500



  • Color coded terminals
  • 12-48 Volts
  • 500 Amps Peak
  • 575(Peak Amp Mode)
  • Standard 4-spade
  • Flexible USB programming
  • Integrated heatsink mounts on any suitable surface
  • Solenoid Control for Main DC Control
  • Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation


  • DC motor controller for series and permanent magnet motors
  • ABS + PC510 flame resistant thermal plastic enclosure
  • All copper heat sinks
  • Sealed epoxy UL-94-VO / 5VA flame rating (best in industry)
  • Adjustable undervoltage cutback 8-30 VDC
  • Adjustable overvoltage shutdown 30-60 VDC
  • Operating Frequency: 18k Hz
  • Voltage drop @ 100amps: <0.18V
  • Control voltage KSI keyswitch and reverse: 36-48V Nom, 62 VDC Max
  • Powered Up Standby Current <0.02A (20mA)
  • Relay solenoid drive output current: 5amp peak, 1.0A Continuous

Throttle Input Options

  • ITS (inductive, E-Z-GO)
  • 0-1K Yamaha
  • Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%) 2-wire and 3-Wire
  • Resistive 5K-0 ohm (+/-10%) Club Car
  • 0-5Volt
  • 6-10.5Volt (Taylor Dunn)


Total Costs: 48V  System

DIY Kits Includes:

  • Motor:                         $780.00
  • Controller:                   $557.00
  • Throttle:                      $115.00
  • Meter/Shunt:              $120.00
  • BMS:                           $150.00
  • Pre Charge Resistor: $15.00

TOTAL PARTS:                                             $1,737.00

*** Battery Packs / Boxes can be Fabricated for Plug and Play installation by you. Labor and shipping TBD.

*** EMAIL: for  72V Set up Costs.


Ad for Lawn Service Justin
Adapter Plate in place and Motor installed
Adapter Plate for New Motor
New Motor for Walk Behind going in
Bending Alumnum for boxes
Battery pack in battery boxes 18 cells
Completed mower cutting tall FLA grass
Lawn mower Parts for AD
Solar panels on roof to provide energy for battery storage IN trailer
Girl riding on walk behind with Man and Dog

We can set you up with Solar Panels on the roof of your Trailer.  These Panels feed into a Battery Bank inside the Trailer for Storage and are ready to use for recharging.

Choose a Charger that fits your customer base and you are ready to Mow Commercially.  See our Charger choices on our PARTS PAGE