Summer of 2010 News

SUMMER   OF   2010   NEWS -      Green Shed hits the "road" !! Converting and upgrading vehicles from the East Coast to the West Coast !!

First Stop: Georgia. We dropped off a completed Ford Ranger for our Customer.

Next Stop: Oklahoma by way of, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas


Drop off this customer's Tranny and Motor with Adapter Plate and Hub Steve fabricated for them.

This will also be a stop on our way home to Florida. We well help with the installation of the Controller and Charger. Great Project !!

NEXT STOP: California here we come !!

Imagine our FIRST real view of California and these incredibly beautiful WINDMILLS... 5,000 of them on 4 mountain tops !! Now THESE people got it "Goin ON"... I think we calculated enough energy to power 30,000 homes !!

San Mateo, CA

Beautiful San Mateo, CA where the hillside homes over look the Bay.

San Francisco, this was taken from a WWII navel station where Steve's Dad was stationed during the war.

While Steve worked ... His Dad and I took some time and went to Lake Tahoe ! What an incredibly SCARY ride over the Donner Pass.. beautiful, but scary.. but worth it. Lake Tahoe is beautiful.

Time to get to work !
Upgrading a customer's 550 Spider (James Dean styled Car)
Lithium Batteries.

What a beauty !!
Steve's dad drove down from the Sacramento area for the day and to oogle Steve's work.
We took a day off and headed south to Santa Cruz.. by way of Big Sur !! what a nice ride.

CA Job Complete.. time to move on...

NEXT STOP: Oklahoma
but first... just a few days to enjoy this beautiful country.

Oklahoma by way of US Highway 1 South to Monteray, CA



We are here !! Oklahoma.
These people at Electric Thrust are just the BEST! what a great bunch of guys. Below is an article from their web page.

Sooo, the build for the 914 to be done in time for their Annual Tulsa Car show in 17 days begins !! YIKES... 17 days??? Can we do it???

Electric Thrust, Broken Arrow, OK

For the past couple of weeks, Steve Clunn and his partner in crime Audrey Martin, from Green Shed Conversions, have graced our shop with their presence. Steve has been working day and night on getting the Porsche 914 up and running. Aside from a couple meals here and there, most of the time we see him it's just his two legs sticking out from underneath the car, or as a blur rushing in and out of the machine shop.

The only thing that out weighs this mans work ethic is his knowledge of electric vehicles; which is exactly why he's here. It was after the Gulf War that Steve decided to not be so dependent on foreign oil, so naturally he went down the EV road and has never looked back. Him and Audrey have been great to have around the shop, offering a wealth of knowledge and insight, incredible stories and company and most of all a slight sense of competition. If Dave gets so much as a whiff of the notion of a competition, it's on. Instigating most of the race, Dave along with the whole crew worked diligently to complete the Mini Cooper before Steve completed the Porsche. It was a combination of excitement for getting so close to finishing, and the sense of playful urgency that fueled the shop… and maybe a handful of energy drinks. It was late into the night and everybody was working hard on their given task at hand, when over the clanking of tools we heard the familiar 'CREEEEEK' of tires rolling across the shop floor. looking up to confirm what our ears have already suggested, there was Steve and Audrey rolling out the door leaving behind a noisy trail of excitement and celebration. Although not completely "put together" in a nice and neat fashion just yet, the Porsche did run first. With 24 PC 1200 Odyssey batteries and a 2K Zilla controller cranking out 300 Volts the electric Porsche will be a nice addition to out electric fleet.

SEE the "First Ride" VIDEO:

WE DID IT !! Ready for the Show !!! Came down to MINUTES before we had to leave for the event.. but... WE DID IT!!
SEE the "Burn Out" VIDEO:

WE DID IT !!!! Enjoy the videos

NEXT STOP . . . Northern Oklahoma, South Carolina (Electric Lawn Mower build), GA ... THEN HOME to our GREEN SHED.