Summer of 2017


Another FUN year ahead of PROJECTS.   Our Summer of 2017 starts out with an Upgrade of a GEM. 72V Gem with LEAF Batteries totals out to a little less than 4Kw. The customer was THRILLED with it when we delivered it.

Up Graded our customers GEM with 3.5kw of LEAF Batteries

Gem Battery Pack
All the LEAF Cells fit nicely under the seat

Gem MeterNEW Meter !! It was so nice to meet our customer. So many times customers ship their projects and we ship them back and never get to actually MEET the customer... We had a wonderful time in Mississippi !


Next in is a 1966 MG. This was started by another company and never finished and shipped to us with the parts on the front seat... We are going to upgrade it from a 5kwh GEL battery pack to a 15kwh LEAF Battery, this should give our customer about a 50 to 70 mile range.

Taking the motor OUT ...taking the Adapter Plate off, Steve is going DIRECT DRIVE with this set up. For some reason the first company had put a LARGE Automatic Transmission in this project. Since this is a very light car, with a low rear end gear ratio, we were able to leave out the transmission.

Steve used his lathe to fabricate a plate to go from the rear end to a longer drive shaft.

Motor with new Coupler Motor in Engine Bay

The original trunk floor had many holes, Steve
fabricated a dual purpose cover, to cover the holes and to hold the new
LEAF BATTERIES. He got 22 of the LEAF Cells in the back here.

Getting 22 of the Cells ready to go into the trunk area.

LEAF CELLS  IN !!!!! we still have to install the BMS and the Board to shut off the Charger, but its a good start.


WarP9 Motor, Coupler,EV Conversions
Motor with Coupler

LEAF Batteries, EV Conversions, MG Midget
Front Set of Batteries


Transmission Tunnel, Fabrication, EV Conversions
Fabrication of Transmission Tunnel


Transmission, Carpet, EV Conversions
Time for some New Carpet

Carpet being installed..


NEW PROJECT just came into the shop !

A VW getting new FIAT BATTERIES!!

Fiat Batteries


Can't wait to open this baby up and SEE what is inside !

Fiat batteries
WOW, look at all those cells !These are going to be RE GROUPED into 3 Groups and installed in our customers VW.