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EV Conversion of a Farm TRACTOR

PROJECTS for 2015 and the FUN begins!





Farm Tractor WORKING !








2016 the 1956 FORD F500 gets converted.




Our HULK is gonna get a FACE LIFT A Storm crushed the HULKS roof. thank goodness for STEVE and good Friends Our Good Friend “JIMMY V” is doing all the paint and body work on the HULK !!! Thanks much for an incredible job ! It ONLY GETS BETTER…. Jimmy PAINTED the Hulk… and fixed the seats… she is turning into a real Beauty Painted 1956 Carribean Turquois and Ford WHITE NEW SEAT Cover. !!!

that     AUDREY designed this  ” V8″ Look for the MOTOR and CONTROLLER, some Lithium Batteries for the 12V System.

The REST of the TRACTION pack is LEAF CELLS !!


Leaving for the paint shopchasie paintedChasieshopchasiedashdoor paintedFenderFront lightsHood

WHAT a mess… STEVE was able to bang it back to almost new !!





  MOTOR and  TRANNY  this is a 9″,.. In 2017 we switched for an 11″  NET GAIN MOTOR.

Warp 9 Painted Green

Making sure the MOTOR and TRANNY Line up !

Motor and Tranny


welded Chain to hold the motor in place

Summer of 2015

Steve and Customer Thijs Leenders hooking up the Solar panels and the NEW Battery Pack to run the RV’s AC, Microwave…etc. Thijs purchased a 12V – 400ah Battery Pack, Charger, 4- 100Watt Solar Panels and a Solar charge Controller and Steve and Thijs Installed these on the Roof of their RV. The Batteries can be charged from Shore Power ( 110V or 240V) Solar Power, or from the Vehicle Alternator While Driving. Thijs and his lovely wife, Rieneke ( from Holland, are Traveling the USA in their RV traveling from Art show to Art Show and were able to get their new Lithium Battery Pack. Green Shed Conversions is doing the Install for them. Installation COMPLETE !!! OUR NEXT Project…???? 2016 Project From a BLOWN gas Engine… in TEXAS to… All ELECTRIC in FLORIDA !! Steve Working on the TRACTOR FINALLY…………………………………… 2016 !!!! This project got COMPLETED !!

Just to see if it WORKS??? 36V Pack of Batteries for Traction Pack and a 4.5KW Fork Lift STYLED Motor ( and a small motor and 72V for Hydrolics)… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it lives !!

We Charge the Tractor with our Solar Panels


This is 10 of the 280watt Panels, Plenty of Charging POWER !

  PROJECT 2013
and the work never ends !!.

Home from our Summer Tour:


and his

1981 F-150 Ford !!!

Motors.. ( TWO 1-WARP 9 and 1-TRANSWARP )… (check)

Controller .. Mighty ZILLA 2K HV … (check .. delivered)

Batteries… REAL FORCE 200ah Cells, 48 each ( check ..delivered)

Steve and Sissy Salivating over these 200ah Cells for Scott’s Ford.

Stay tuned !! The build begins next week !!

First Project in is a DISNEY CAMERA CAR !!!

DISNEY STUNT DRIVER Amy is driving her STUNT CAMERA Car while steve tows it to the shop.

NEW BATTERIES, NEW BMS.. and OFF they go again to Entertain Folks at DISNEY !!!

Porsche conversion in the shop for Battery UPDATE. Owner added new Batteries with old and had NO BMS. We will try to save what we can of this pack and get him running again. Cycle and balance his batteries, add a BMS and see what we can do for him.



January 2013……. Time to START working o…….. THE HULK
First the MOTOR…. 9″ or 11″ NET GAIN WARP Motor????well… I FOUND a lot of PARTS around the shop….. and I think there are enough BROKEN, blown UP motors for me to put them all together and come up with ONE good motor…

Stay tuned…
I decided to CLEAN and PAINT the Motor…Since the Motor is made up of LOTS of broken WarP 9 Motor parts, all put together to make ONE good motor,after I got it all together and working… I took it apart and am cleaning and going to paint it.

Step one… clean and get it ready to paint.

Painted with Primer .. I did 3 coats

3 coats of color.. GREEN for the HULK .. !! pretty cool color??
Put it back together

A girl’s gotta have her “BLING”… this is for GEORGE H. over at NET GAIN MOTORS !!!Yes… it IS a WARP 9 motor !!! ( these guys over there are the best !!)
Stay tuned……… ADAPTER plate next… !!

HULK TOWED down to the SHOP…. Now to get that Tranny OUT of that truck

Tranny OUT…..

Audrey CLEANING the motor…. ( Girls…. Steve SAID this was “FUN”…..Note to self… If a MAN say its “FUN”… it is probably HARD work… THEY don’t want to do ).

We have my “V8” look…..

Here is the first coat before the BLACK………….
2011 and 2012 Projects BELOW…. see the cool chevy and corvette below with TWO motors….

This is Audrey’s GREEN BEAN !!!!

Well the GREEN BEAN is IN the shop…. getting ready for smelly old GAS Engine to come out !

Steve found me an old Toyota Turcel Tranny that is just PERFECT for this project. !!
Washed it up, took the front end down, set the Tranny on it and seems like it will be perfect !

Making the HUB using a LovJoy…..

Audrey Doing a little Welding on the HUB … its getting there folks !!!

NOW for the Adapter Plate… lining up the tranny on a piece of steel.

The Shift Set up and Linkage worked out PERFECT !!! and they work like a charm. The plate still has to be trimmed a little…but I may not, I may just leave it for show purposes…the motor is an 8″ and Steve cut just a little out of the frame so that it sits nice and level. This project is coming together so easily… and we are having sooo much fun !!

Ok.. Steve got everything all lined up.. just perfect TOOK IT ALL APART and painted the… “Sub Frame”???
Put it all back together and back INTO the car !!!

Here it goes.. back UP into the car !!! tires on.. check the turning radius… (Thanks Dr. Mini)…
the linkage is just “Perfect”…. ohhhhh MAN !! it is getting there.

FIRST RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did it !!! we had our FIRST RIDE in my new GREEN BEAN !!


The SOLITON JUNIOR !!! 500 amps… 300 V ???!!! and YES we SELL THEM !!!! (see Soliton Junior for specs and pricing) this is sweet boys !!


It is NOT always about FLOWERS and CANDY!!!
I absolutely L O V E my Valentines Present…. an ORIGINAL Austin MORRIS Hood Ornament..
( ok girls… have I got the BEST man or not???) dahhh YES !!!

February 15th………….. ok.. soooo if you saw the first ride VIDEO… you know we didn’t have BRAKES..

well…. NOW WE DO !!! BRAKES DONE !!!!! YEA for us… !!!!

February 20th
Controller hooked up AND throttle…and Fabricated and painted my House Battery Rack And painted my Motor.

FEBRUARY 23rd !!

ITS GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY NEW Soliton JUNIOR is GONE !!!!
Steve SOLD it…. right OFF MY CAR !!! ……. (bastard !!.. can I say that??? )….
ordered NEW one from my buddies

February 28th…………….
AWWWW the guys at EVnetics took PITTY on an OLD LADY…. and sent me a NEW Soliton JUNIOR
Thanks Chris, George, Sebastian, Jefff, Aymee and Anyone else I forgot over there !! ( appreciation cookies WERE mailed out)… lol. luv you guys!

SURPRISED steve… got it all back in.. and hooked up before he got back from the Dentist !!!! Just the throttle cable left to do !! YEA ME !!! Seeee guys this baby is a snap to install !!

March 2nd ..
Received the COURT ORDER giving me TITLE to my car. WHAT a fiasco THAT was.! The Court part was easy, dealing with the IDIOTS at DOR to get it registered is a study in how costly and inefficient we can run our government in this day and age of hard economic times. (DOR… lets just see how many times and how much time and money we can get this woman to spend on getting a title…. lets do everything the HARD way, over and over again and cost her mega $$$$ in time and money, not to mention tax dollars in the form of a POLICE OFFICER’S time to verifying the VIN# ..not only ONCE for court on OUR FORMS…but lets just let it all take 30 days THEN tell her..oooppss we need the SAME form signed AGAIN by a police officer) !
NOTE TO SELF… in the state of FLORIDA IF you have the TITLE mailed to you….. and somehow you LOOSE IT.. it costs $78.50 to get ANOTHER ONE.. .BUT .. if you allow the DOR to keep it ELECTRONICALLY???? it only costs $10.00 to print it WHEN you sell the vehicle… hmmm seems like the cheapest way to go. We lost a LOT of things in the last hurricane… replacement costs get to be high after a storm.


GOT IT !!!

My 1967 Austin Morris is now legally REGISTERED and INSURED in my name !!!!

March 5th…


Now to do, DC/DC, Lights, interior, seats, carpet, ohh the list is growing…

March 7th

Starting TO DO LIST.
First the Back License Plate Light..
ok… soooo it is OLD…not working…not GONNA work, so Steve said NO PROBLEM..we will just MAKE our own light…. Okay??????? soooo he hands me this board with HOLES in it…. some LED little lights and says… let me show you this..and 3 HOURS later…( cause I am SLOW)… we have LIGHTS !!! new LED lights in the OLD Antique Light holder !!! HOW COOOL is that?? AND I did all the work, soldering, testing and installing !!!! YEA ME !!!

March 9th…
To Do list Dwindling… but NOT FAST ENOUGH… yikes !!!
Window wipers (x)
Window wiper motor…. needs a special part manufactured that steve can fabricate. ( What a guy) !!
Mirrors (x)
Side Mirror… bought but not installed yet
Brakes (x)
Hydro suspension….. DON”T EVEN ASK…. we got ANTIFREEZE EVERYWHERE !!!

OK… soooo WHY am I soooo tired????

March 10th..
Steve is AMAZING… I needed a new “arm” for the motor of the wipers. …well let me tell you Advance auto is not going to have a part like that for a 1967 car.. STEVE FABRICATED one for me !!! YEA.. Wipers(x) done… Horn (x) Done.. Speedometer (ORIGINAL) hooked up (x) done… getting there !!!!

March 12th

Side Mirror Installed

Neatened up ALLL the loose wires under the dash… lord know WHERE they went or why…traced all and got them all neatened up… phewww what a job !
Put in the back interior panels.
Getting it all ready for the IRSC CLASSIC CAR show on the 13th… YIKES thats tomorrow !!!!!!!! ohhh nooooo

MARCH 13th……….. IRSC CAR SHOW !!!
Well………… we made it ! by the hairs on our chinny chin chins… let me tell you.. the LAST minute we were charging the HOUSE battery that went low because “SOMEONE” left the KEY ON…. we won’t say WHO did that!!?????? lol

3 weeks of HARD work… My Green Bean is STILL not “DONE”… but getting there… good enough to go to the show..

Our good friend Dan did an S10 and WON the FIRST PLACE trophy for the GREEN category !! we are so proud of him !!! GREAT JOB !!!

RED car is our little TANGO
Green BEAN next..
THEN.. the WINNER….. Dan Bowkers ELECTRIC S-10

March 14th

Steve finished hooking up the Emeter for me… nice… I can shut it off from the dash if I want… or flick a switch and it is ON..!!


April 9th

GOT HOME…..told Steve I got a SHOCK off of the motor… He said NO WAY !! I said YES WAY… my freekin ELBOW HURTS… he said NO WAY…
well Mr. SMARTY PANTS………………. NOW WHAT have you got to say!!?????????

OLD MOTOR OUT…………….. NEW motor BACK IN !!! No more SHOCKS.. PHEW !!!! that was close…especially with the Rally coming up on us soon.
Gonna try to get new carpets done before the show, but so many other cars to do also.. !! GREEN BEAN might have to wait..

We went on our SUMMER of 2011 Tour.. EVERY THING had to wait… We got back and the place and car were a MESS!!
soooo Cleaned polished and added NEW CARPETS… whoot wooooo steve worked real hard to get these IN for me for our show in December !! what a guy !!

NEW SEATS with BEFORE Carpeting…………………… .. AFTER with new Carpeting

What a difference !!

***************************************** EV EXPO SHOW – Tampa, FL ********************************************
It wasn’t all about speed. I was stunned by the sight of a very unlikely electric—a 1967 Morris MK 1100, rare even in its native England. The car, which runs an eight-inch DC motor, an EVnetic Soliton Junior controller, and a 192-volt battery pack (19 kilowatt-hours), is capable of 100-mile range. It was built by Audrey Martin of

Green Shed Conversions in Fort Pierce, Florida. Audrey Martin and partner Steve Clunn have converted more than 180 vehicles into EVs, from a Lamborghini kit car to a Chevy S-10 pickup and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. “Green Bean,” as the Morris is named, was a $500 purchase converted by Audrey herself with Steve overseeing the work. Now it’s her daily driver. When she wants extra range, she just throws in an extra battery pack, because the back seat was already missing. Here’s a closer look at the car on video:

******************************** Green Bean is a new member of NEDRA ***********************************************

First Drag Race Trophy – 3rd Place NEDRA


Summer of 2010

ON THE ROAD ! From our shop in Fort Pierce, FL
First Stop: California

Upgrade a 550 Spyder with Lithiums.

Next Stop:

17 days to convert a 1974 Porsche 914 !!

Lee Hart’s… BMS, simple…works! .

Steve & Ms. Oklahoma

And . . . Since we are here in Oklahoma.. might just as well Convert their 1994 Chevy S-10 from AC drive to DC Drive while we are at it !

S-10 AC Drive to………………………………… DC

With a Lee Hart style.. BMS……………………….and …the MIGHTY ZILLA Controller

Gause Academy, Bartow, FL

The Gause Academy located in Bartow, Florida is just starting their new project ! We will keep you updated.

September Update: Introducing the STEVE CLUNN BMSAsk us about our new BMS (Battery Management System).
This is the dashboard of a Porsche. Steve replaced the original dial with LED lights and a switch in the center to check all of the batteries directly from the driver’s seat.August Update: 10 Year old does it again!Meaghan took an old Go-Cart frame, sanded and painted it.. added a small motor, a Contactor, fuse and an old Battery laying around the shop … .and….. Wallla !!!! An all Electric Go-Cart that will do 20mph !!! What fun we all had. She took Steve on her first ride!! See the burn out pic below!BURN OUT at the Green Shed by Steve and Meaghan and their cute little all electric Go Cart.Yep, folks… thats all she wrote !!NEW PROJECT July 2009 !Dr. Richard Raborn’s 1967 Spirit Talk about easy access ! This vehicle is going to be spectacular when it is completed. Green Shed Conversions is only doing the Electric Conversion part, but we will keep you updated as it progresses !Lots of room for batteries !LITHIUM Batteries are here !!!!

INSTALLED !!!! with Charger on top !
GETTER DONE !This beautiful 1970 Porsche 914 is an “Assisted” Conversion. Brought in to our shop by its owner, Gene Kennedy and his son Michael. The original plan was ONE week… They got here on Monday and with “All hands on deck” everyone started. By Sunday it was clear that it was going to take just a little bit longer. Sooo We will see them back next weekend !! watch our progress.Motor and Trany are ready to go in !!Battery Boxes are made, batteries are loaded in and wired, a Zilla Controller and a Manzanita Charger are waiting final hook up.!! The guys made great progress in 6 days !!Projects !!! all of them !First there is the white Ford Explorer… DONE !! ready for delivery. We are showing this, the Rav4 and our mechanic David Carter’s Porsche at the IRSC Car show !!! what a great response we had ! and of course there is our “shop electric bicycle” !!Make your last ride… a GREEN RIDE !David from Jacksonville, FL had the Green Shed Conversion Shop convert his 1991 Cadillac HURST to all electric! This EV has a Zilla 1K, and 11″ WarP Motor and 38 Deka AGM Sealed Batteries. NOW UP FOR SALE.
____________________________________________________________________________________________WEEKEND FUN WITH THE KIDS !This American TANGO was resurected from the weeds and the woods, cleaned up by Meaghan Sessa, a new Controller installed, new battery boxes, 4 used ( stolen batteries from Steve’s 1969 Porsche 912, sorry steve…) batteries wired by Meaghan .. and a little help from Auntie Audie… and off she goes !!! well after we charged up the 12V aux battery !Meaghan’s Mom even took a ride with Meaghan at the wheel !!Great fun…. and a great Sunday afternoon Project.___________________________________________________________________________________________

Allan Miller’s CabrioThis was recently completed with 16 Golf Cart Batteries, Zilla 1K, LV Controller. RECENTLY put UP FOR SALE ! by Allen !! CONTACT US FOR INFO. Time for him to do another one !! way to go Allen!

Mike Brown “Kit”

“Mike Brown Kit”

This “Mike Brown Kit” comes with everything needed to convert your Porsche or VW.
I am not sure if Mike Brown is still selling these, But GREEN SHED CONVERSIONS sells all the parts. ASK us.. we probably have it !!

__________________________________________________________________________________________Rav 4UPDATE !!!!Rav4… still under construction, but running like a champ !! Back in December of 2007″Jack Riggi took out the I.C.E. and got it ready to convert and it sat down at the shop until August of 2008… just waiting. All of the “Dream Team” guys pitched in one weekend and “surprise” me with it !! They had all worked late each night until they got it ready for its “First Ride”. Since then we have added more batteries from the original 6, changed out the old Curtis Controller for a Logicsystem Controller and she runs great !! THANKS guys !!!2009 UPDATE….“Secretaries Dream” got a little bit of an overhaul in anticipation of the 2009 BBB AND Fort Pierce’s 11th Annual Electric Car Rally, held each year at Advance Auto, Okechobee Blvd, Fort Pierce and hosted by Steve Clunn.We added 9 more of the 2150 Hawkers right down the center of the Rav, changed where the controller sat from the back firewall to a mounted shelf in the front, added a Vintage Voltage Throttle Box and added a NEW Logisystem 1000Amp Controller… gave her a wash and a polish and Walllla !!!
December of 2010… NEW CONTROLLER to be installed. We are Beta Testing this new controller. 800 Amps and suppose to GIVE US A FULL 800 amps !! We shall see, if so, they will be ON SALE on our web page starting in January 2011 for $1,260.00 WITH Peddle and FREE SHIPPING.

Well folks.. the Conroller beta testing issue was a huge disappointment. So far The Soliton1 and the Warpcore, the Zappi, the Curtis and the Altrax are the only ones that have not disappointed. But we will keep Beta Testing any one who whats to send it to us.

Ohh and by the way…………. the RAV4 just went UP FOR SALE.. yes.. (sadly)… it is time to let her go. My GREEN BEAN is almost done.
___________________________________________________________________________________________17 Year Olds “FIRST CAR”…. Steve handing the keys to IAN MacKay of Vero Beach. The keys to his VERY FIRST VEHICLE… an Electric Ford Ranger, he, his dad and the dream team converted for him !! Ian worked very hard on this and it came out AWSOME… way to go Ian.undefinedGreen Shed “Dream Team”:Jack, Joe, Ian, Steve and John