Installing the Hyper9 Motor

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Before picture of AC install of hyper 9Installing the new NetGain Hyper9 AC Motor in to our 1980 Jet Industries Ford Courier for Testing. This is the original set up with a GE Series 9″ Motor from the 1980s, with a new Soliton Jr Contoller.

We are happy to be chosen by NETGAIN to Beta Test this new Motor they are introducing.



picture of all the parts that came in the box

The Hyper 9 Motor, Controller and wire harness  got delivered !  Its like Christmas at our house !  This is what come in the box !

You get the Motor, Controller, the wire Harness and the Contactor.  All you need is a few batteries !  Call us !  we have a few to sell !




Gettting DC motor out Installing INSTRUCTIONS.

The first step in installing the Hyper9 Motor is to get the old DC motor out.





Engine area before paintNow that the motor is out, we can see what we want or need to do to the engine bay area.  I’m thinking a good scrubbing and then painting? These Jet Industries Ford Courier vehicles never had gas engines, but were delivered to the company without engine, gas tank or radiator.  Much like the Lotus was delivered to TESLA for their first prototype Electric Vehicle.



Cleaning the motor area

The Next step we are doing to this vehicle to install the Hyper9 AC motor is to get the area ready to accept the new motor.  We are Cleaning and Painting the Engine bay compartment in preparation for Installing the Hyper9 Motor and Adapter Plate to be fitted in.


Painted engine bay



We have painted the engine bay which will hold the new Hyper9 Motor and all the parts that come with it.  The Controller and the Harness.  The New system is delivered complete.  Just add Batteries.

completed fabricated adapter plate



The Adapter Plate for the GE Motor had a different bolt pattern than the Advance DC 9″,  NetGain 9″ or the Kostov which all use the same bolt pattern.  Because of this, we had to Fabricate a new Adapter Plate. This Adapter Plate for Hyper9 going in to this vehicle needed a lot of spacers to connect to the existing Transmission of the 1980 Ford.  Each vehicle will be different and each Adapter Plate will be different.  But if you have an Adapter Plate for any of the industry standard Electric Motors, Like the WarP9,  it will fit the Hyper9.

choosing a blank for the adapter plateMeasuring and choosing a blank for the start of the Adapter plate that will fit between the Bell Housing and the Hyper9 Motor.






Adapter plateThe start of the Adapter Plate.







checking the fit of the adapter plateChecking the fit of the Adapter Plate for the Hyper9 to fit properly on the Motor.








To be continued…………………..





Under Construction….  we will return with more pictures.