Assisted EV Conversions

Assisted EV Conversions are a great way to save money.  Society is transitioning away from petroleum fuels to more energy independence, and vehicles that emit less harmful pollution. Assisted EV Conversions is just one of the more practical solutions that should be considered.  YOU can participate in an “ASSISTED ” conversion.  Here’s how it works. YOU bring your vehicle to our shop, use our facility and our tools and basically do the assisted EV conversion yourself with Steve’s input and guidance.  Here are some pics of assisted EV conversions we have done. Learn more about assisted EV conversions here…

assisted EV Conversions
Here it comes! Into the SHOP






Motor, Transmission and Adapter Plate
Motor, Transmission and Adapter Plate going INTO the S10.







Electric Motor



The Motor and Transmission are now in, and the Adapter Plate is in place.


Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning going BACK in.







A/C Completed


Some Conversions are set up nice for A/C.  this S10 was especially a nice set up.

Remember… when you are sitting at a Street light, your Electric Motor IS NOT turning, so for a brief period of time, the A/C is not working, but that changes with the LIGHT changing to GREEN and your assisted EV conversion is moving ahead.


180ah CALB cells
Batteries are here !


THIS baby is going to ROCK AND ROLL on all these cells !!



Taking the BED off the Truck to get it ready for Battery boxes.








assisted EV Conversions
Back Battery Boxes are fabricated and Cells are IN !










This ASSISTED EV CONVERSION  took 19 days from Start to Completion!  These two guys WORKED 8, 9 and sometimes 10 HOURS in a day to get it done on our customers time frame !

We are so Proud of Phil !!     He really did a great job getting this done!

Let us help you with your assisted EV conversion. Learn more HERE…