Converting a 1967 Austin to Electric

Converting a 1967 Austin to Electric.

A few years ago I purchased, sight unseen, a 1967 Morris MK1100 to the Horror of my Husband, Steve Clunn, who, so I am told,  is the Electric Car Guru of Florida.  That being said, we drove to Arkansas and Picked up what would become our COMPANY LOGO, COMPANY CAR and CAR SHOW DIVA… our  GREEN BEAN and I blog Converting a 1967 Austin to Electric.

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Converting a 1967 Austin to Electric, is a HOW TO with Pictures and a description and is blogged below.  Also see our ASSISTED PROGRAM, if you want to Come to our shop and do this yourself, with our help.

67 Morris              I have to give alot of credit to my dear husband, who truly wanted to get his hands on this cute baby and convert it HIMSELF, but, being a  really good sport, LET ME do the whole conversion my self !   Yes folks, a  GIRL did this. Steve stood back, DIRECTED and Took Pictures!.. what a guy !

Old GAS engine OUT.

This yeas  model has HYDROLASTIC SUSPENSION, something unfamiliar to us, described as:  “The system replaces the separate springs and dampers of a conventional suspension system with integrated, space efficient, fluid filled displacer units which are interconnected between the front and rear wheels on each side of the vehicle.”   Thanks to the guys from Dr. Mini at Yahoo, we were able to save this feature.



My dear husband sends me up in the back woods and says… ” there is a Toyota Tercel up there with a good Tranny and Linkage.  THAT would be a fun thing for YOU to do”,     NOT !    I got it out, got it back to the shop, power washed it . . .

Just so you know,  I am not saying my husband may not have told the whole truth, but the Mosquitoes almost carried me away!   Not fun !


At the time, unable to find an Adapter Plate for this year, Steve showed me HOW to make my own.  I do have to say THAT was FUN !

Adapter PlateTapping out the holes and shape with a ball peen Hammer.               making adapter plate template




Cut out 2 Templates, to put ON a piece of 1/4 drop Steel and Plazma Cut both.  Drill Holes, all FUN things to do, and its ready for the next step.

Line up the Bell housing on top of the plate to make sure the holes line up.

tanny on top of Plate

Welding the two plates … Yep THAT WAS FUN!


audrey welding





Fabricating the hub is a job for the “Master”.  So, Steve did this part for me.  Using a Lovjoy Connector, a spider and the center piece from the Clutch Disc, which Steve Machined out on the Lathe to fit the Spline of the Transmission.

Lovjoy Connector
















Transmission, Motor and Adapter Plate.

Time to put them all together.

Motor Tranny and adapter plate


Steve drilled a hole in my car and installed the shifter and linkage.


Getting the Motor, Adapter Plate and Transmission on to the Sub-Frame of the 1967 Austin.  Mine is an 8″ motor we had. We sell the full line of NETGAIN MOTORS, see our web page:

install motor and tranny on sub frame

Steve helping get that heavy sub frame back UP into the 1967 Austin.

getting motor into sub frame

its IN !!

motor in

THAT was not so much fun, but  the motor, transmission, adapter plate all fit on the Sub Frame and we did get it in with a lot of help from the overhead hoist.

Auxiliary Battery

Steve showed me how to use his BENDER and make and weld a “house battery Box” which will run the 12V system in this car.

I painted the Motor Housing Black to match.  ( We now have a Dc to Dc Converter and have eliminated the 12V Battery all together).

House Battery box

Installing the “Auxiliary Battery” .

house battery

Installing the CONTROLLER:

At the time we did my 1967 Austin, The “MIGHTY ZILLA” company was down, and not producing Controllers.  A young man from St. Petersburg stepped to the plate and designed and started producing the EVNETIC Controller. I got the very first SOLITON JR. Controller.  A 600 amp, cutie and put it in my Austin. Some quick specs:
Max Current 600 Amps Continuous With Liquid Cooling
Rated Power: 180 KW
Input Voltage 8-342 Volts
Length: 13.750″
Width: 7.750″
Height: 5.209″
Weight: 7 Kg, 15 Lbs
Adjustable Max Output Voltage: Yes Up To 300 Volts

Evenetics controller

Side View:  with Evnetics Throttle, specifically designed for this unit.

soliton side view



Controller Installation complete.

controller complete

The PLATE light !   I got my ANTIQUE Plate for my car and I ordered a New “boot” (Trunk) emblem.

The plate light insides are all rusted.  Steve taught me how to fabricate a “board” and install  LED lights so that I could keep the old plate light housing that came with the car.

bread board for lights

BATTERIES !!  We have had 3 different sets of Batteries in this conversion.  Back when we first did it, the China HiPower Batteries were all the rage, and I had a set of those.     Then the WINSTON’s came out, and I was able to get a set of those…

2018,  You got it,  VOLT BATTERIES !


New batteries in bean

VOLT batteries

This is about a 50 mile range pack. Two Banks of  42 Cells in Parallel.

batteries IN the car

Steve has designed a BMS system,   See our Web Page:

drag racing my 67 austin

YES..  we RACED my little girl down at the BRANDENTON Race Track.

YES I am hooked.


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